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Hello World! I am Md Mushfiqur Rahman (also known as mdvirus). I am a programmer, developer and speaker. I learned basic programming in 2016. Though I was a high-school student then, I only focused on competitive programming. I have competed in 7+ national level programming contests with result of being at top 12 in the ranklist. I also regularly attend online programming contests in popular online judges. Recently I started my developing journey. Because I think, now I can use my competitive programming skills into this.

Mainly I do competitive programming and I am pretty good at it. Beside that, I develop Web applications, Windows applications, Android applications and Websites. I teach competitive programming too. I have also set many programming problems in Programming Contests. Currently I am studying. So I am ready to take part in developing projects as a part timer.

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Programming Skills

Python3 92%
Java 79%
HTML5 + CSS3 + JS 89%
WordPress + Bootstrap 77%
Flask 56%



Happy Clients based on project likes.


Hours of Code since 2016.


Projects which includes Desktop Softwares, Android Apps, Games and Websites.


Speeches Given in 4 different institutes.



Full Name: Md. Mushfiqur Rahman
Father's Name: Md. Abdur Razzaque
Mother's Name: Most. Zahanara Begum
Address: House#225, Road#2, Kellabond, Sadar, Rangpur
Date of Birth: 15 October 2003
Religion: Islam
Nationality: Bangladeshi by birth
Objective: To be a skilled Software Engineer


Higher Secondary

2019 - Studying

RCCI Public School and College, Rangpur

Studying here in Science Department. Included Higher Mathematics as Fourth Subject and Biology as Main Subject.


2014 - 2019

Haragach Multilateral High School, Haragach, Rangpur

Studied here in Science Department. Included Higher Mathematics as Fourth Subject. Passed successfully in the Secondary School Certificate exam in 2019.

Professional Experience


2017 - Present

Haragach Math, Science and Programming Lovers' Community

  • Founded it for building a strong community of co-curricular activity lovers of Haragach, Rangpur.
  • Taken Basic Competitive Programming, Basic Problem Solving and Basic Computer course for the community.
  • Manager of the Programmers community and manager of the CodeShock Programming Contest.
  • Appointed more successful co-curricular activity experts for training the community.

Lead Programmer

2016 - 2018

Atoeb Technologies LTD

  • Lead in the design, development and code implementation of the projects.
  • Developed numerous products (apps, games, websites) and many of them get upvoted.
  • Managed up to 3 projects at a given time while under pressure.
  • Recommended and consulted with clients on the most appropriate softwares.
  • Created presentations and proposals for clients and managers.


In my journey of developing, I created a lot of Apps, Games, Websites etc. Some of them are highlighted here. Hover over the pictures to know more.

  • All
  • App
  • Game
  • Web


I have been participating in many contests, olympiads, workshops and trainings since 2015. While participating in National High School Programming Contest, National Children and Teenagers Programming Contest, Inter School and College Programming Contest, Bangladesh Olympiad in Informatics, BACS High School Programming Contest, Children Science Congress and Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad, I gathered a lot of certificates. Some honorable of them are highlighted here.


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